The Talentless Release Music Video For New Track "Mr Losemore"
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The Talentless release new music video for latest single "Mr Losemore" via Check out the article here -

The Talentless is a Melbourne based music project started and lead by Rob Bennett After years of writing and playing in and around the nooks and crannies of Melbourne’s live music scene, Rob decided it was time to draw the line. He decided it was time to dive deep back into the hibernation of his writers cave, otherwise know as his garage.  

Rob created an array of songs that have mingled flavours of Alternative Rock with sprinkles of Pop. Recorded by Arik Blum and mixed by renowned engineer Scott Horstcroft (from EMI and The Grove), the songs range from moody ballads with theatrical piano lines, to intricate guitar rockers driven by an often pulsing rhythm section. 

Rob began looking for musicians to transform the studio recordings back into a live soundscape. To do so, Rob enlisted Drummer Evan Lineham, Bassist Dave Seedsman and guitarist Chris Kenworthy. This project would come to be know as The Talentless.

The first single from the forthcoming album is “Mr Losemore”, a song that lyrically is a very real story of a man named Andy Losemore that Rob cared for during a three year stint doing disability care work. 



“The song in a way is tribute to Andy… a man that was a past alcoholic, ex drug dealer/bikie, who late one night in Richmond in the late 70’s stumbled out of a bar stoned and drunk into oncoming traffic. This tragic incident shaped the rest of his life, however, despite been crippled for life both mentally and physically, it was the constantly joyful person that he somehow managed to continue to be, that inspired the song. It was his amazing ability to simply keep smiling, which made me put pen to paper,” says Rob on the creation of the track.


But why the band name “The Talentless”?


The answer: “Simple, we don’t believe in talent…what we do believe in, is hard work and hours and hours spent practicing and honing your craft, whatever that may be…but ‘Talent, well thats a word we feel is thrown around by people who admire someone for what they do but have never been willing to take the massive action, often over a long period of time, to develop that skill within themselves.



We're not gifted or special, we just work our butts off because we love making music!