Cog's huge 2019 - 2 tours + rad new single Drawn Together!
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With the release of righteous single Drawn Together, Cog have been reconnecting with their fans as they embark upon both national and international tours. Co-headlining their Distant Lands tour alongside of Australian contemporaries SLEEPMAKESWAVES, Cog will be returning to Europe and the UK in March after 11 years. Cog’s current national Drawn Together Tour aligns the band with Osaka Punch and Omnific over the course of 5 months for a tour throughout Australia’s major centres that will prove to be a consistently potent showcase of musical innovation. 

Drawn Together Tour Dates to come:

March 2nd - Waves, Wollongong, NSW

March 3rd - Live Lane Festival, Port Macquarie, NSW

July 5th - Capitol, Perth, WA

July 6th - The Gov, Adelaide, SA

July 12th - The Croxton Ballroom, Melbourne, VIC

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Cog Euro tour