The Occupants: Debut Single I’ve Been Thinking

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Gower brothers after the somewhat mysterious and abrupt
disappearance of their former band Cog. The good news is that something appears to have been brewing and the boys have resurfaced with a new track and a new project.

When asked about the track and its pending release their response was simply:

“We’ve been writing and experimenting for a while now with new ideas and new sounds developing along the way.We reached a point where we looked at this particular track and thought ‘This feels good. This is a song worth sharing.” 

So they headed into an old studio in the hills of Byron with producer Forrester Savell and in a few days they were done. The end result is the song “I’ve been thinking”. The first track from a new project they’re calling “The Occupants”.

“We found ourselves in a unusual and unique situation. We were writing music for a band that didn’t exist. Therewas no style to adhere to, no modus operandi and no idea of what it was for. If it felt good it made the cut.

It didn’t need to be a song and it didn’t need to conform to any preconceived idea of who or what we were. It was just music.” 

“We’re not really sure where the project will lead. We’re definitely in a completely different situation to say four or five years ago and that’s reflected in the music. If we push it forward and continue to give it our attention then we’re hoping it will develop in a living, meaningful way. We’ll continue to create with the simple aim of keeping the quality of the music as high as possible and work towards an album one song at a time.”

It’s funny how you can almost hear the journey, the changes and the progression within the track itself like some abstract yet succinct communication is taking place while listening.