“Tullara has a way with words and a way with that guitar. Her debut EP bears all the fruit of musician eager to explore, put in the elbow grease and do some soul searching in the process. She's a gifted artist just at the beginning of what looks like to be a promising adventure ahead.” 

- ARIA award winning artist, John Butler


'Better Hold On' is a searing continuation of what Tullara first put in motion with debut single, 'Too Many’. Both a plea for forgiveness, and a stark warning, 'Better Hold On' is a deep and urgent track, and although Tullara's celebrated guitar and earthy vocals are again at the forefront, it also showcases her band at their dark and complex best. 


Tullara sings about the mazes of life – the ones we build ourselves, and the ones that trap us unaware.  “I didn't want to let you down, I didn't want to steal your fire,” she sings, her voice full of remorse, and we can't help but follow her deeper into the labyrinth.


'Better Hold On' is Tullara’s lead single from her debut EP recorded at Sunshine Recorder Studios, Port Melbourne, with premier female producer and international touring artist Aurora Jane.



“'Better Hold On' for me is a song about making choices and dealing with the consequences. It's the ultimatums we face everyday that form who we are,” says Tullara on the creation of the track