November 14, 2016

Forming in the early months of 2014 from a mutual love of thrashing guitars around and just being general nuisances, the four lads from Mary Handsome have set out to create tunes that have equal parts catchiness and attitude.


New single ‘Mirrors & Sounds’ sees the band really cement their unique brand of Indie Surf-Rock. They recently supported Harts on the Brisbane leg of his album tour and are soon setting off on their own single tour. Working with Marshmallow Pavement Records in Sydney, the band are setting out to make waves within the Australian Music Scene.


‘Mirrors & Sounds’ was recorded at American Girl Studios up in Burleigh Heads, QLD. Produced by Brock Weston of Weston Audio


“I’d had the main riff on the back-burner for a while and always liked how it wrapped around itself and the bar. The lead riff in the verse was originally this atonal lick but the way the song worked out it got changed to something more fitting to the ear. I was keen on the idea of setting a whole song around semi-tonal build-ups whilst still maintaining a pop element,” says lead singer Reid Cooper on the formation of the track.


The result is, ‘Mirrors & Sounds’, a driving song that never really lets up. Fuzzy guitars and punchy vocals make for some great energy.


“Lyrically, it’s about a friend or significant other worrying about their friend’s/partner’s partying habits and the friend sort of shrugging off the remark telling them, ‘I hope you know it’s alright.’ The whole song has an almost sarcastic feel to it,” says Reid


The band released a Self-Titled EP earlier this year, garnering interest from online blogs and radio, including triple j, collecting an abundance of new fans in the process.