From Grassroots to Global

The A&R Department is the leading Australian company for developing and releasing music from emerging Australian talent. We work with new and developed artists and offer Artist Development, Artist Management, Music Distribution and Music Publishing. The A&R Department is focused on providing a platform for artists to develop their artistic direction and promote, distribute and publish their music while staying 100% independent.

The A&R Department was founded by Matt O’Connor, the Managing Director at The A&R Department and former Head of A&R at Warner Music Australia.

Matt is a music industry veteran with over 25 years experience who over his career has produced, developed, and been A&R for some of the biggest acts in Australian music (The Beautiful Girls / Harts / Sparkadia / Meg Mac / SAFIA / Shihad / Magic Dirt / Thirsty Merc / Savage / The Occupants / Disco Montego). He has created an enviable reputation for discovering, nurturing, and developing exciting new talent.

Marshmallow Pavement Records

What started out as compilation albums to highlight the top talent The A&R Department had worked with, Marshmallow Pavement has developed into an imprint record label home to some of Australia’s hottest emerging acts. The current MP Records roster includes Harts, Cog, The Montreals and Em George.


Managing Director/Producer/A&R
Matt O

Talent Scout & Head of Development
Alex K

Label Manager
Adelle J

Publicity Manager
Alex J


Release Campaigns

The A&R Department has been built upon discovering fresh new sounds and artists in the industry, and along the way has worked with the likes of Harts, Meg Mac, Safia, Battleships, The Occupants, The Getaway Plan, Magic Bones, Ayla, and Polarheart. Through discovering rich talent and developing release strategies that always remain ahead of the ever-changing landscape of the international music industry, The A&R Department has helped build the careers of some of Australia’s leading artists. 

Through working with the A&R team, a promotional campaign will be developed for every release. Each release will be able to utilise each branch of the company: development, promotion, distribution, and publishing on a global scale. The A&R Department is a tight-knit team, drawing upon experience in all sectors of the industry, and intent on building close relationships with the artists we work with. We work with artists at all stages of their careers, no matter your experience in the industry, we want to work with you to develop the best trajectory for your career, and take it to a new level. 


A Global Company

We are passionate and excited about working with Australian music to bring it to a global audience. We have partnered with companies that are just as passionate as us to extend The A&R Department arm to new opportunities in distribution, promotion, and publishing worldwide. We have partners that promote, distribute, and publish our music in the US, UK and Europe, tapping into more effective forms of releasing music to international radio, digital platforms, and discovering sync licensing opportunities. Always prepared to expand the scope of what we do and where we work, The A&R Department is committed to redefining how artists release and control their music globally.




Whilst we believe in your music, and will make genuine commercial efforts to put it in front of industry tastemakers and publications to ensure you get exposure in the right channels, at the end of the day we have no control over the decision-making of any radio station, publication, online store, publisher or other distributor. Accordingly, the A&R Department does not represent, warrant, undertake or guarantee to secure any particular opportunity or opportunities, or that the use of our services will lead to any particular outcome or result whatsoever.

If you have any concerns about this, please speak with Alex Kortt, prior to committing to use our services. Alex can be contacted on +61 (0) 402 908 585 or alex.kortt@theaandrdepartment.com